Startlingly Cornering Clown

Chantilly Lace


My grandpa

My grandfather on my mother's side was blind. He wasn't born that way, but he did have an impairment at birth. My grandfather had a twin, and for the last month of the pregnancy their mother went blind, only to regain her sight after giving birth. One of her children was afflicted though. My grandpa went to a school for blind people in Stockholm. He knew Braille, and he even had a wristwatch and a deck of cards with Braile imprinted on them. He also knew how to play several instruments. He was an impressive man.

Friends running a hotel

I know a couple who ran a hotel together a while ago. We went there and stayed at the hotel for 3 days. It was a nice hotel. I loved the food they had there! It was so delicious! But what the didn't have was a good hotel reservation system which is a must for a hotel. They don't own the hotel anymore. They sold it to someone else. That's to bad actually. I really liked that hotel. We used to go there each year to say hello to them. I miss that.

A seller of swimming pools

This evening a man will come to see how much it will cost to build a swimming pool in our garden. We asked him to come a few weeks ago. But after the burglary we are busy with other things and our mind is not really ready for building a swimming pool.Totally unexpected we got a message that he planned to come this evening. Well, my husband has to see what he wants with this man. I have to go to tennis with the children and I won't be home at the time the man comes. We have already made ...

Hem till föräldrarna

Det är verkligen skönt att bara kunna komma hem till sitt barndomshem, till sina föräldrar ibland och bara vara. Det var verkligen någonting jag behövde nu och jag känner att jag vill inte hem igen till min lägenhet just nu. Jag vill ara kvar här ett tag till, några dagar till för att kunna vila upp mig eller nått. Jag känner mig så otroligt rastlös och lite små deppig på något sätt och jag känner mig nästa alltid bättre efter att ha vart hemma några dagar hos mamma och pappa. Dessutom så älskar barnen att var här och umgås med ...